10 Top Tips for a Beginning Designer

In most situations, a career of a designer starts with Photoshop studies. Thus, you have completed a course, mastered a couple of sketches, and then you start thinking you can call yourself a designer. Alas, this is not true! It is just a beginning of a long journey. Being a designer requires a lot of skills, apart from basic knowledge of Photoshop. The ability to solve problems, adequately communicate with the customer, and many other psychological factors will help to become an expert in his business. No matter how skillful and creative you are, we have collected top 10 tips that will help you become a professional designer.

Learn Photoshop

Learn how to use all features and functions of Photoshop, no matter how primitive it seems to you. This program will give the beginning designer unlimited opportunities to free creativity and fantasy. If you study the features of the program, no other plug-ins will be needed for your work.

Practice Daily

Practice daily and master the art of using Photoshop. Find tutorials and read useful step-by-step articles where you can learn a lot of new things.

Don’t Be Afraid of Spending Time

You should understand that gaining knowledge and practicing takes some time, but the amount of time spent will start to change into quality.

Be Selective

Before adding any extra features to the program, think if they are necessary for you. Otherwise, you will simply store gigabytes of garbage on your computer.

Imitate Famous Works

If you are a beginner, it’s not shameful to imitate the works of famous designers. If you saw the original and you liked it, try to repeat it.

Do Not Plagiarize

However, repeating does not mean plagiarizing. Take your favorite elements, their location or design style, but add something from yourself. When using elements, choose similar but not identical, make sure that your work is somehow unique.

Be Attentive to Details

Look at everything surrounding you with the eyes of a designer, whether it’s a billboard on the street or a cafe sign. In such a way, you can find interesting design solutions and get inspired.

Talk to Professionals

Communicate on thematic forums in your spare time. There you can ask advice from professionals and share your opinion. Learn about new trends and discuss them.

Store Ready-Made elements

When learning new functional capacities of Photoshop, create ready-made elements for a design and store them in a separate folder. This will ease your job.

Get Encouraged by Samples

On the Internet, you can find a lot of works and be encouraged by the samples. These are the brushes, fonts, icons, cliparts, etc.. It will be useful to assemble your collection of the elements according to your needs.


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