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It is very hard to imagine our life without Photoshop today. It is everywhere! It helps us to make our photos better, or to add something extra, to make collages or just to draw something from scratch. Photoshop is really useful graphics editor, which makes the process of drawing, decorating or manipulating with photos much easier. There are a lot of different tools we are able to use, such as pen, shape, clone stamp, eraser and many more. But Photoshop also includes the tool, which is a great time-saver to make your own masterpiece. It a brush. And it is not only one brush that can make everything. There is a huge number of Photoshop brushes and they are free to download. Users are also able to create their own brushes.

Learning how brushes work, is a great way to make your first basic steps in Photoshop editing. Here we have a Photoshop brushes types list.

List of basic Photoshop brushes types

  • Drawing. This type of brushes is helpful, when you want to add to your photo a real-drawing effect. Drawing brushes can imitate different painting and drawing techniques.
    • Paint splashes.
    • Paint strokes.
    • Watercolor streaks.
    • Markers, pens, pencils.
    • Doodles.
    • Paint lines.
  • Nature. Nature brushes add an effect of natural events or organic materials.
    • Lightning.
    • Dust.
    • Snow.
    • Rain.
    • Plants and grass.
    • Wood.
    • Water.
    • Clouds.
  • Silhouettes. Adding silhouette brush on your artwork is like the icing on the cake. It is really useful thing to add on the background of the photo of the sunset, to make it look more fantastic and intriguing.
    • People.
    • Plants.
    • Clothes.
    • Animals.
    • Things.
  • Letters. To add some words on the background, use a letter brush, not a text tool. It is easier to add to your words or phrases some special effects and to make it less visible on your photo or artwork.
  • Patterns. One of the greatest ways to make the background from scratch or to make it look better on the photo or drawing. You can add any pattern you want.
    • Fabric.
    • Ornaments.
  • Magic. Since Photoshop is a way of making magic with photos, why not to try to add some magical effects on it to make it look like a real dream?
    • Special effects.
    • Bokeh.
    • Explosions.
    • Sparkles.
    • Stars.

So, as you can see, Photoshop is a really great editing program to make your photos look better or to make your own artworks. It has a lot of tools to make the process of editing much easier. Master your knowledge of editing tools and brushes to become a real Photoshop master.

Good luck!

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